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American Legion Post 125 Information

The American Legion is the nation’s largest organization of U.S. veterans supporting veterans and their families and communities. Its inception by Congress in 1919 provided the first organization of its kind that was an advocate for veterans. As a national organization of 12,000 posts, it lobbies congress for needed benefits that would otherwise be difficult for an individual veteran to obtain on their own. That’s why membership is so important in supporting the organizations efforts, there is strength in numbers. 

With the American Legions efforts the Veterans Administration came into being as well as the GI Bill and many health care benefits and programs to help veterans to transition from service into civilian careers.

The four pillars of the American Legion are: 1) Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, 2) National Security, 3) Americanism, and 4) Children & Youth.

Each local post belongs to a district which is part of their State organization supporting the national organization. Chilton is Post #125 which is part of the Wisconsin 6th District which also includes New Holstein, Brillion, Hilbert, Stockbridge, Darboy and Sherwood. 

Our Chilton American Legion Post meets monthly except for July and December. We have two main fund raisers, the Brat & Hamburger fry out and the U.S. Flag Contract Program (businesses pay a fee for our club to display a U.S. Flag in front of their business 8 times during the year). 

We have an Honor Guard unit that provides military honors in conjunction with the local VFW for deceased veterans. The Honor Guard marches in the Memorial Day parade and alternates with the VFW in making the Memorial Day arrangements each year, as well as putting a U.S. flag on every veterans grave at Hillside and St. Mary’s Catholic cemeteries,  and doing an honor firing over 17 local cemeteries on Memorial Day. 

Our Honor Guard joins with the VFW and any veteran that wishes to march in the Father’s Day parade in Chilton.  Our combine units proudly carry the U.S. Honor Flag at the head of the parade.

We support various State and District programs like the County Student Government Day and Badger Boys State. We join with the VFW to present the U.S. Flag at the Chilton High School student body assembly that honors veterans on Veterans Day each November. The public is invited and all veterans are welcomed to join in the Veterans Day program. 

We support other veterans needs as they come to our attention and are discussed and voted on by our members, such as providing monies for the county Veteran Administrator to hand out to needy veterans. 

Each Legion Member is provided a Legion Cap and pin upon joining. The current membership dues are $30 per year for which a member will receive a monthly award winning magazine and a State Legion newspaper. Veterans will find very important information in these two publications as well as other information that comes to the local post via State and District communications throughout the year. 

It’s important that every veteran consider joining the American Legion for what our organization does for veterans and also what it can do for you personally. Help us to help the less fortunate brothers and sisters that served before us, with us and those serving today to receive the benefits they so richly deserve. Come join us!

Tom Cullen

Chilton area Retired Flag drop Box Located by Chilton City Hall

Maintained by American legion Post 125

Please do not place Mail in box